GlusterFS Error cannot open /dev/fuse

GlusterFS Error cannot open /dev/fuse

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After installing glusterfs-client on my Debian server I received the below error when trying to mount a remote GlusterFS volume. The error indicates that the device at /dev/fuse cannot be found, however ls showed that it was available.

This was the error displayed in the Gluster log after running the mount command:

A quick check of the kernel fuse module using modprobe gave an error:

And some Googleing indicated that it’s because fuse-utils was missing. In my case it wasn’t.

Further investigation showed that the kernel had recently been updated, but the machine hadn’t been restarted so the latest installed kernel wasn’t the kernel that was running. There seemed to be some kind of mismatch between the loaded kernel and the fuse library.

A reboot of the machine fixed the issue – the fuse module loaded correctly and the Gluster mount executed without error.

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