Explain Why An Oracle Database Materialized View Does Not Rewrite

Explain Why An Oracle Database Materialized View Does Not Rewrite

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Using Oracle Database materialized views for query rewrite, when used in the right way, can really help aid performance with specific queries. It’s one of my favorite ways to quickly help increase performance of specific queries – often queries issued by front end reporting tools.

Materialized views, however, can be finicky in which queries they re-write, if any and the optimiser output doesn’t give away many clues.

Luckily, help is at hand with a small amount of setup and the DBMS_MVIEW.EXPLAIN_REWRITE package.


First, create the table to store the output created by the DBMS_MVIEW.EXPLAIN_REWRITE package:

  statement_id          VARCHAR2(30),   -- id for the query
  mv_owner              VARCHAR2(30),   -- owner of the MV
  mv_name               VARCHAR2(30),   -- name of the MV
  sequence              INTEGER,        -- sequence no of the msg
  query                 VARCHAR2(2000), -- user query
  query_block_no        INTEGER,        -- block no of the current subquery
  rewritten_txt         VARCHAR2(2000), -- rewritten query
  message               VARCHAR2(512),  -- EXPLAIN_REWRITE msg
  pass                  VARCHAR2(3),    -- rewrite pass no
  mv_in_msg             VARCHAR2(30),   -- MV in current message 
  measure_in_msg        VARCHAR2(30),   -- Measure in current message 
  join_back_tbl         VARCHAR2(30),   -- Join back table in message 
  join_back_col         VARCHAR2(30),   -- Join back column in message
  original_cost         INTEGER,        -- Cost of original query
  rewritten_cost        INTEGER,        -- Cost of rewritten query
  flags                 INTEGER,        -- associated flags
  reserved1             INTEGER,        -- currently not used 
  reerved2              VARCHAR2(10))   -- currently not used;

Rewrite output

Once the output table is in place we can run the DBMS_MVIEW.EXPLAIN_REWRITE package to begin to understand why queries are/ are not being rewritten.

Run the package and substitute the following parameters:

  • arg0 is the query you’re trying to re-write with the materialized view.
  • arg1 is the materialized view itself.
      query=>q'[SELECT SUM(value) val FROM performance.bill_detail]',

Finally, view the result


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