Docker ps Filter Options

Docker ps Filter Options

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The below is an excerpt from listing the –filter options available with docker ps.

idContainer’s ID
nameContainer’s name
labelAn arbitrary string representing either a key or a key-value pair. Expressed as <key> or <key>=<value>
exitedAn integer representing the container’s exit code. Only useful with --all.
statusOne of createdrestartingrunningremovingpausedexited, or dead
ancestorFilters containers which share a given image as an ancestor. Expressed as <image-name>[:<tag>],<image id>, or <image@digest>
before or sinceFilters containers created before or after a given container ID or name
volumeFilters running containers which have mounted a given volume or bind mount.
networkFilters running containers connected to a given network.
publish or exposeFilters containers which publish or expose a given port. Expressed as <port>[/<proto>] or <startport-endport>/[<proto>]
healthFilters containers based on their healthcheck status. One of startinghealthyunhealthy or none.
isolationWindows daemon only. One of defaultprocess, or hyperv.
is-taskFilters containers that are a “task” for a service. Boolean option (true or false)

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Alex G.

19-Jan-2022 at 6:25 pm

This is a day saver :-) thanks

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