Changing the OMS password on OpenNode

Changing the OMS password on OpenNode

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The OpenNode Management Server is installed with a default password. To help ensure your OpenNode server is secure, you must change the password to something more secure.

See my blog post to install OMS if you haven’t yet got it set up.

The default username and password for OMS as below:

  • Username: opennode
  • Password: changeme

You must SSH onto the OMS OpenVZ container to change the password. You could SSH directly to the IP address or use vzctl enter to access it from the OpenNode host.

vzctl enter 999

The above example assumes that the OMS container is running using VMID 999.

Change directory to the OMS bin directory:

cd /opt/oms/bin

Execute the change password command and enter your new password when promted:

omspasswd opennode

Your password will be changed immediately and you can use it to log into the web front end of OMS.


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