Gitlab Runner Error: sudo: no tty present and no askpass program specified

Gitlab Runner Error: sudo: no tty present and no askpass program specified

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After issuing the first build on a dynamically created Container I came across the following build error when running a command with sudo.

The error is caused by trying to run a command with sudo, however the calling user has not been authorised to use sudo. The error isn’t helpful, and doesn’t really spell out where to go, but adding the calling user to the sudoers file will save the day.


Open up the sudoers file for editing in your favorite editor.

And add your gitlab runner user to the bottom. If you installed your gitlab runner from the official apt repositories then your gitlab-runner process will run under the gitlab-runner user.

Add the following to the bottom of the file:

Retry your build and you should be back in business!


Add Create OpenVZ Template to the Proxmox Web GUI

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proxmox logo gradCreating a template from an OpenVZ container is a very manual process. My biggest problem is that you have to have root access to the Proxmox hardware node in order to create a tar from the root of the CT. See How to make a new OpenVZ template for more information on manually creating a template.


I created a small code patch for the Proxmox API and web GUI to add a ‘create template’ feature for CTs. The code adds a context menu entry when you right click on a CT in the Proxmox web GUI.

Before using the feature, the CT must be shut down and any network interfaces removed. The feature presents the user with a dialogue box requesting which storage device the template should be saved to, and what it should be called.

Once the storage has been selected and the template has been given a name, a new ‘create template’ task is created which archives the root directory of the selected container and adds it to the cache folder of the selected storage.


The changes were declined by the Proxmox team on the grounds that creating a template is a technical process and may not result in creating a working, cloned instance. In addition, it is very easy to leave sensitive information in the CT which is the source of the template – all data on the CTs file system will be archived into the template making it available the next time a CT is created. If SSH keys are left on the CT, for example, then they will be available in the new CT also.

Because the feature was not accepted into the main distribution of Proxmox, I will maintain it myself and manually apply the patches to my Proxmox servers after every update. I have created a public repository on my Gitlab server that holds the git patch file which is available for everyone. 

If you accepts the risks mentioned above, and are happy to hack away at your Proxmox binaries, then you are welcome to try the patch for yourself.

You can download the patch and get more information on my public Proxmox Github page.

I should mention that this patch may not always be up to date. In addition, this is changing the actual Proxmox distribution files and as such may have unintended side effects. Please use these patches with caution and only in your development environments.



Gitlab error “fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly” Again

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gitlabI previously wrote in this blog post about how to fix an error with Gitlab. The error was presented when using the  git push command with a remote repository that uses the Gitlabs HTTP protocol and not the SSH protocol.

The following error was presented in the Git client when using the git push command:

It seems that the issue is Nginx, Gitlab’s HTTP server, is not configured to receive large amounts of data. We need to specify the attribute client_max_body_size in Gitlab’s Nginx configuration file and specify the maximum amount of data Nginx will accept.

Open the configuration file and find the line location @gitlab.

Add the client_max_body_size attribute and specify the size value to use.

The M stands for megabyte – you can also use G for gigabytes.

If the size of your git push ever exceeds the above value, you will have to either increase the size further or reduce your git commit sizes.

Your completed /etc/nginx/sites-available/gitlab file should look like the below example which has a 20MB upload limit.


Gitlab error “fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly”

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Category : How-to

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gitlabI have been using Gitlab for a while now to run a local Git server for storing code and documentation of the projects I work on. Gitlab is the open source version of Github which you can run on your own environments .

After upgrading to version 6.3 I received an error when checking in larger projects to the Gitlab server.

The below shows the git push command and the error which occurred.

The solution is the run the below command on the client to increase the postBuffer size before trying to re-run the git push. Use the below command to set the postBuffer size to 100MB.

Then retry the git push and all should be working.

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