Restore all Proxmox OpenVZ Containers From The command Line

Restore all Proxmox OpenVZ Containers From The command Line

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proxmox logo gradI use Proxmox to host a development environment using OpenVZ containers. I take frequent backups of all OpenVZ containers in the event I need to roll back any development work.

The below script restores all OpenVZ containers which are available in the backup folder, but not available in the Proxmox GUI. Using this script, you can remove the containers in Proxmox which you would like to restore and run the script to restore the latest backup.

The script iterates through all of your backup files and only restores the latest based on the date in the file name.

You will need to set the BACKUP_PATH variable to the location of your backup folder with no trailing slash, and BACKUP_EXT with the extension used for your chosen backup format.

If you save this script in the /bin then you can call the script from the terminal without having to move to the scripts directory. Create the file and paste the below script into it.

Make the script executable using chmod.

Use the below command to run the script and restore all containers which are missing from backup.

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