Proxmox 4.0 Beta 1 is Now Available

Proxmox 4.0 Beta 1 is Now Available

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proxmox logo gradThe latest release of Proxmox VE has entered it’s first BETA today with the release of Proxmox VE 4.0 BETA 1.

It’s the first public release of version 4.0 and comes with some pretty big changes!

HA Clusters are now configured using the Proxmox Web GUI and don’t require separate fencing kit – it’s provided out of the box. It’s about time, in my opinion, as plenty of other software manages HA without 3rd party processes to tell you what’s up and what’s down. This is a very welcome addition to any small Proxmox Cluster.

Linux Containers will replace OpenVZ as the Proxmox VE container solution. As you’d expect, LXCs will work with the usual Storage plugins offered by Proxmox, although Sheepdog, Ceph, iSCSI, DRBD and GlusterFS will be in a future release.

There are some other updates, such as the latest DRBD9 packages are shipped, and the whole thing runs on the latest Debian release, Debian Jessie 8.1.

You can download the ISO from their download site and install it onto a new machine. Unfortunately, because it’s still a BETA product there is no upgrade path from 3.4. I’d expect this to change in the near future.

It’s worth noting, however, that the website states that any BETA version of release 4.0 will be upgradeable to the full 4.0 when it’s available.

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