Proxmox 3.0 is now available – with updates!

Proxmox 3.0 is now available – with updates!

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proxmox logo gradThe guys building Proxmox have not been messing about; in the past couple of weeks we have seen a major release of Proxmox V3.0 and a few updates. We now have qemu templates which we can clone as many times as required, as a whole new guest or a thinly provisioned guest linked to the clone. With the latest updates we now have storage migration which enables us to move a qemu guests storage to a new storage type.

You can download the ISO from

Highlights of the 3.0 release:

  • Based on Debian 7.0 (Wheezy)
  • new VM clone feature
  • new event driven API server (pveproxy)
    • completely replace apache2
    • efficient support for HTTP keep-alive
  • support bootlogd (boot log can be viewed on the GUI)
  • update qemu-kvm to 1.4.1

And the recent update:

  • Storage migration 

There is an upgrade script to upgrade from version 2.3 to 3 however as the new version is now based on Debian 7.0 instead of Debian 6. To make sure there are no left over packages or files floating around, I would recommend a fresh install of Proxmox version 3.0.

Don’t forget to update once you have installed Proxmox 3.0 with apt-get by using the below commands in a terminal. Before updating, make sure all your VM’s have been stopped. Run the below commands on each server in your cluster.

Restart all Proxmox servers to complete the installation.

If you would like to try the in-place upgrade path, see the Proxmox Wiki for more information.

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