Proxmox 4.2 is now available

Proxmox 4.2 is now available

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proxmox logo gradA new version of Proxmox has been released building on the solid foundations laid down with the version 4 branch of Proxmox VE. The latest version 4.2 brings a new GUI, integration with Let’s Encrypt, updated packages and countless bug fixes.

You can download the ISO from

Highlights of the 4.2 release:

  • Based on Debian 8.4
  • New GUI using Sencha Ext JS 6
  • Let’s Encrypt support
  • Numerous LXC updates
    • Ability to add network rate limits
    • Add mount points via the GUI
    • Improved backups


Before updating, make sure all your VM’s have been stopped, both LXC and KVM. Ensure you have the required repository entries for apt-get. You’ll either need a valid license key or to add the less stable pve-no-subscription repository. See Proxmox 3.1 package/ updates manager (this also works for version 4.x) for more information.

Run the below commands on each server in your cluster.

apt-get update
apt-get dist-upgrade

Restart all Proxmox servers to complete the installation.

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16-Jun-2016 at 6:16 pm

I am about to use Proxmox instead of vmware for a project with not a lot of budget.
2x server
– dual hexa core
– 64GB RAM
– hardware raid with battery
– 1x 250GBssd
– 3x 2TBsst
– 4x 10G network interface
I have some problems choosing the right storage. There is nog SAN of NAS available. Automated HA is not mandatory. But redundancy is.
Ceph does not seem to work fine with just two nodes. Gluster on top ZFS could be an option. But I am not sure. Any recommendations regarding the storage choices?

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